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    Welcome to Scarborough Ontario!

    Scarborough is a city which is over 200 years old that grew from a collection of small rural villages and became a large city with a diverse cultural community. Scarborough has been a popular destination for new immigrants that come into Canada which makes the Scarborough community a beautiful area. Great foods from different cultures and lots do and see. From shopping at the Scarborough Town Centre to spending the day at the Scarborough bluffs having a BBQ or picnic, you will love the Scarborough area.

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Torontonian Locksmith serving Scarborough and surrounding areas in the GTA

Scarborough Locksmith

We are a high profile Scarborough locksmith offering locksmith services in Scarborough and have taken locksmith industry by storm. No wonder Torontonian Locksmith has continued to be a very reliable locksmith services provider. Ever since we came on board, we have been able to offer outstanding services to clients in many nearby areas. For as long as you are covered by our radius of operations, you can expect to receive high quality locksmith services when you call upon us. We are a household name across the entire region of Scarborough and the surrounding areas. Therefore, you can be sure to receive the best services if you call upon us.

Why are our services trusted by so many clients?

Ever since Matrix locksmith emerged to the surface, we have been able to command a lot of attention from the members of the general public and a large pool of business firms. But, this has not come like teeth in the mouth do during kindergarten. We have worked very hard to reach this stage. Consider the following reasons which account for our unmatched reputation.

We can:

  • cut keys
  • rekey your  :
    • Car locks
    • House Locks
    • Business Locks
    • Window Locks
    • Cabinet Locks
  • Open the locks for you if the key has been lost
  • Key made- the key duplication through incorporation of keyways and high-security cylinders in master-key system that is CPU generated

We respond to emergencies people of Scarborough may face within a short period of time. It is our utmost desire to respond to all emergencies in an appropriate manner. We are constantly organizing multiple teams to ensure that there is a team to respond to emergencies as soon as they have surfaced. Therefore, you can be sure to receive a group of highly qualified team members as soon as you have called upon us.

Unlike most of the other locksmith services providers, at Torontonian Locksmith, we offer high quality services at affordable charges. Throughout our operations, we are committed to giving our clients high quality services that are affordable. It is our utmost concern for the welfare of our clients that makes us command a lot of respect across the entire industry.

We are not surpassed by any situation. There is no situation that can surpass our men and women who work round the clock to ensure that our clients are getting the value for their money. We can handle any kind of situation while providing Scarborough locksmith services including removing stuck keys, changing the locks and unlocking car doors that are stuck.

We also have highly trained and motivated men and women who are capable of handling any kind of work. In addition, they also work 24/7 to ensure that they can attend to you at any given time of day and night.

How can you get in touch with us?

Getting in touch with us is very easy. You can use any of the numbers that are on the contacts page. We will respond to your call in a proper manner. For emergencies, you are advised to take advantage of the emergency lines. You will definitely get your desired response.  

Call Us Now 1.888.487.7779, We are available for all Scarborough residence

Locksmith services 24 Hours 7 Days A week.

Torontonian Locksmith was proud to provide our locksmith services to Big Brother Canada as we did all the door closer and meg locks for the "Big Brother Canada" show.

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